Our Tenants

A - Complex

 B - Complex

 C - Bldg., C-1 - Bldg.


 A&J Cycle  Advanced Materials  Western Fumigation (Warehouse)
 Fleming&Hall LTD (Q-3)  Energy Services Inc.   Safway Scaffolding
Jo Jos Express LLC. (Q-3)  EXTEC USA, Inc.  
 Keystone Mercy Health  Industrial Machine Tool  
 Iron Mountain (R-Aisle)  Industrial Plant Services  
 Mercury Air Services  Carrera Transport, LLC (B-1)  

Quality Training Services

 Artenente Corporation  
 Ridley Fence Company  Prestige Equipment Corporation  
 Rishon Technologies  All Star Shredding  (B-2)  
 U.S. Cargo Management    
 United package Express LLC    
 Western Fumigation (Office)    

 E - Bldg.

 G - Bldg.

H - Complex 

 Cannon Sline Industrial, Inc.(2nd fl. Office)  Department of Navy (EFA) Northeast  Bulk Transit        
 U.T.C. Overseas, Inc  Defense Criminal Investigative Services (DCIS)  Gap Air Frieght        
 Morris Matl. Handling   Navy Crane Center  Olympic Steel        
 Safway Scaffolding (Office)  G.S.A Fleet 

 Pencoyd IronWorks,Incorp.

     Twin Modular Services (3-A)        
     Cannon Sline Industrial, Inc.

 N - Bldg.

 U - Bldg.

 Y - Bldg.

 X - Bldg.

       K.L Chempak Rodia, Inc
       Total Safety 


Airport Business Complex
10 Industrial Highway
Philadelphia, PA 19113 USA

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logo-bot Castleway is an international investment and property development company which has established an impressive investment portfolio, valued at approximately €400m, comprising a balanced mix of property types including industrial, office and retail. It also has a portfolio of completed and in progress property development projects of approximately €250m. Both the investment portfolio and development projects are located throughout Ireland, UK and USA.

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